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    Calling a web service link through linux script


    Problem Description: Our project have web service created which we use to create data files from database. To create these files we have to open a particular link which automatically start creating files and MQ them as soon as we hit it in web browser.

    Link looks like as below
    xxxx.xx.:8000/$filter=Country eq 'US' & language='EN-US' & $format=MQ

    There is a user id and password too,which appear as a prompt after putting the link in web browser and hitting enter.

    We have to create a script to execute this link everyday through linux. We have tried "curl" command to achieve the result but couldn't get success.We are following issue

    1) In link "space" "$" and "&" characters have been used, which are pre-defined symbol for linux. So when it pass through curl command so it takes them as standard {for example it takes $format as variable)

    2) when we are somehow able to manage to pass correct link,its give below error

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="//">
    <faultstring>Policy Falsified</faultstring>
    <faultactor>$filter=Country eq 'US' & language='EN-US' & $format=MQ</faultactor>
    <l7olicyResult status="Assertion Falsified" xmlns:l7=""/>

    Could anyone provide the suggestions to solve the issue ?

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    Hello and welcome,

    try escaping the "$" character with a \ and the ampersand and other special chars using URL encoded equivalents.
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    Thanks for your Inputs !!

    We tried with "\" with "$" but it goes in browser with "\" too which creates and invalid link. Also on receiving side there is no decoding hence replacing the characters won't work either.

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    Single quotes prevent the shell from expanding/interpreting special characters, maybe you could try this?
    curl 'xxxx.xx.:8000/$filter=Country eq "US" & language="EN-US" & $format=MQ'
    You'd need to replace the existing single quotes in the string to double quotes, or all sorts of things will go wrong... hope this hasn't any side effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raviagrwal View Post
    xxxx.xx.:8000/$filter=Country eq 'US' & language='EN-US' & $format=MQ
    okay, your URL is a bit confusing. this is what i think are the CGI parameters:

    CGI param        CGI value
    ----------       ---------
    filter           Country eq 'US'
    language         'EN-US'
    format           MQ
    1. first of all, are the above assumptions correct?

    2. what is with the spaces inb/t parameter names (before and after the '&' character)? does the web server really expect that? e.g., the CGI perl module I use does not like that.

    3. can "Country" not be its own CGI parameter?

    4. does "language" really need the enclosing single quotes?

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