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    creating a lock screen


    Is it possible to create a lock screen to Linux?

    or create a program:
    Using python or c GUI program, create a software that will block the computer while the user doesn't make what the software "wants".
    The program needs to stay in full screen mode, the user can not access to the button: minimize, maximize, close and keyboard shortcut.

    Any other way?

    thanks for your time

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    Hello and welcome!

    There is probably a way to natively lock the screen using the libraries/functions provided by the target system's X server. Assuming a Linux target and an Xorg server, you could look at the Xorg source.

    An easier way might be to just implement the screensaver functionality in the DM's screensaver, though. You could make it a simple script that calls the command to lock the screen, or embed the system call in a simple GNU C program.

    The two most popular screensavers I typically run into are gnome-screensaver and Xscreensaver. Here is how to lock the screen using them:
    gnome-screensaver-command -lock
    xscreensaver-command -lock
    These commands would lock the the Desktop screen. The user currently logged in would then be able to unlock it by entering their password.

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