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    Help needed in perl


    Im a newbie in perl.
    I need a perl code that creates a new file and adds some contents to the file.
    I tried the fillowing code.

    open(FILE ,"<file1");
    printf "This is a new file\n";

    I expected a file named "file1" to be automatically created in the current working directory, but no such file was created.
    Could anyone help me with this.


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    You need to print to the filehandle that you opened (FILE), and use print, not printf, e.g.:

    print FILE "new file\n";
    by default, print prints to STDOUT, so that's why you insert the filehandle there. you could also do select(FILE); and then FILE would be the default filehandle until you changed it again (in which case you'd just need to do print "blah" and not print FILE "blah").

    just noticed: you also need to open for editing (>), not reading (<), e.g.:

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    Its working now. Thanks atreyu.

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    Great, glad you got it sorted.

    Will mark this thread as Solved for you.

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