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    Problems with xinetd configuration

    I want to use xinetd in conjunction with netcat. netcat shall dispatch small messages that contain usernames to the server on which xinetd is running and listening for incoming connections.
    I could also accomplish this with rsh/ssh, but I decided to use netcat, because here I can choose between UDP and TCP, whereas rsh/ssh are always TCP-based.

    The client works like this:

    exec 5<> /dev/tcp/$host/$port
     while true
       sleep 2
       echo "check connection">&5
    exit 0
    In etc/xinetd.d I added this file:

    service notify
            disable         = no
            socket_type  = stream
            port             = 4700
            server          = /usr/local/bin/message
            user             = nobody
            wait             = no

    The message file contains only an echo command to check if it has been called.

    In /etc/services I added this line:
    notify         4700/tcp
    However, that doesn't work and I'm getting a "connect: Connection refused" message. What did I do wrong?

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    What does /usr/local/bin/message do? Is it accepting messages on port 4700? Is that the port the client is sending to?
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