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    Would like to automate something at work, but dont know where to begin

    This is not for school. At my job I was trying to automate something that we as operators do everyday. I am not a scripter, but certainly want to learn shell scripting. A task we do daily below:

    We have to check the system.log when there is a message and send it off to the Admin.

    1. loginto the operacct
    2. cd /Admin/monitor
    3. more system.log. If there is something in the file send email to Admin with contents, and then run script
    4. If nothing is is the log then of course quit out.

    Its just something i've been thinking about automating but, don't know where to begin.

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    test -s returns success if file is not empty.

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    Thanks watael.

    I was hoping for template of how to start the script, as I am not a scripter. How would I incorporate sending the email to the Admins. Could someone give me a rough draft or template, if its not too much trouble


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