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    Real-time program.

    How to make my program to be a real-time one"?

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    you'd need a real time kernel?
    what do you call "real-time" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by watael View Post
    you'd need a real time kernel?
    what do you call "real-time" ?
    Hard real-time processes are subject to strict time limits during which certain tasks must be completed. If the flight control commands of an aircraft are processed by computer, they must be
    forwarded as quickly as possible within a guaranteed period of time.

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    If you're looking to do real-time programming on Linux, you'll need a kernel patched to enable this - see here.

    Or you could write software for a specialised real-time operating system - Google for options.
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    Linux has some "real-time" options, but more for soft vs. hard real-time operations. The real-time kernel extensions (and scheduler) help a lot, but are not sufficient for systems where meeting deadlines is critical. IE, if you cannot apply an RMA (Rate Monotonic Analysis) to your total system load and guarantee that all critical deadlines will be met, then the system is NOT real-time. If you want a POSIX real-time system with guaranteed performance characteristics, then look into Wind River, QNX, et al. FWIW, I have used Linux with RT extensions and it works generally quite well, but when I want truly deterministic system behavior, then I go to QNX. IE, if I need to write a control system for a nuclear power plant, or a fly-by-wire system for supersonic aircraft, that is where I go...

    Anyway, my signature says it all...
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