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    Preferred way to send 25-30K data from KERNEL to USER space ?????

    Hi All ,

    1. We want to read 25-30K data from a memory using DMA and send
    it back to USER-SPACE.

    2. At present i am doing an dma_alloc_coherent of size 6K from
    KERNEL and copying the data to user space buffer using copy_to_user
    function call.

    3. Can u guys please let me know what is the best mechanism
    to transmit around 30K[Presently 7K] to user space .

    The operation at present is slow rate , but we need to increase
    the speed of transmission also.
    [ Presently we have around 12MBytes/sec which we are aiming to
    increase to around 25MBytes/sec]

    -> So at high speed and large chunk what mechanism should i implement
    -> I am not using x86 architecture. We are using OMAP processor
    from Texas Instruments with ARM + LINUX
    -> Also initial aim is to transfer large chunk , then the throughput

    Thank You,
    Ashish Mishra
    [Banglore / India]

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    Hi All ,

    Any input for the same .

    The priority is to understand the best mechanism to transmit large data to user space .

    Thank You,
    Ashish Mishra
    [Banglore / India]

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