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    Question audio over socket

    I'm trying to create simple p2p voice-chat script.
    my first attempt was to establish one way communication using sox and netcat:

    on receiving computer:
    nc -l 1234 | play -r 8k -t flac -
    and on sending:
    rec -r 8k -t flac - | nc 1234
    audio from default input in one computer is played on second box, but there's over 4 second lag...
    can someone recommend any solution?
    maybe some other recording and playback software or different codec?

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    Why not use the UDP switch in netcat?

    Quote Originally Posted by man nc
    -u UDP mode

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    I have a guess that the flac compression is slowing things down, both on send and recieve. Try raw audio.

    I think I'll try it myself.

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    actually i've made some progress here. it looks like it's more buffering than codec issue (but raw audio is indeed slightly faster)
    rec --buffer 18 -r 64k -c 1 -t ul - | nc 12345
    nc -l 12345 | play --buffer 18 -r 64k -c 1 -t ul -
    , lag is small enough.
    but there's still that buffer problem. i need to use very high sample rate in order to "overflow" buffer quickly, but that seams like a waste of bandwidth.
    anyone know recording/playback program with "unbuffered" mode?
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    Have you considered GStreamer? It can be fairly complicated (it's able to do a lot) but is reportedly quite good.

    Audio-specific example here, loads more examples for various things here.
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