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    add characters to end of line in file (diff num of char per line)


    So I have a bit of a problem with a CSV data file. It is a record of simulation data where each line is a different trial run.

    My problem is that each line has a different number of values and MATLAB therefore wont dump the file into a matrix for me. I have been opening the file in spread sheet and adding comma separated zeros to buffer the lines to make them the same length up until now with short simulations.

    However I have my final simulation that is really long and exceeds the maximum row length for open office spread sheet (i learned my lesson, next time i will record data in columns).

    So i thought i would create a script to add ,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 data.

    The tricky part is i have to add a different number of zeros (CSV) to each line:

    line 1 310 zeros
    line 2 253 zeros
    line 3 252 zeros
    line 4 197 zeros
    line 5 145 zeros
    line 6 94 zeros
    line 7 93 zeros
    line 8 46 zeros
    line 9 0 zeros
    line 10 1 zeros
    line 11 2 zeros

    I am a bit stumped. I have read about 'adding a character the end of a line' but what i am after is 'adding a character to the end of a specific line'. As in:

    append to line 1: ",0" (loop 310 times)
    append to line 2: ",0" (loop 253 times)

    Any helpful ideas? My linux script syntax is veeery rusty.


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    oops, muhahahahaha solved it in MATLAB (made script to count commas then declared zeroed matrix in MATLAB prior to load).
    silly me

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