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    Perl Regex Remove words aftern pattern / comment out lines

    I am working on writing a Perl script to do the following actions:

    1)/boot/grub/grub.conf, comment out the "splashimage" line.
    2)Remove rhgb and quiet from kernel line of /boot/grub/grub.conf file.
    3)/etc/sysconfig/init, change the BOOTUP line to say "BOOTUP=verbose".

    It logically it seems easy but I am stuck on the regex parts. Any thoughts?

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    I wouldnt go the regex route, as it is a bit errorprone.

    Imho, there are three ways of approaching it in a programmatic way.
    1) Use augeas
    This tool understands the gramar of certain config files and gives you control on how to modify them.
    2) Templates
    Based on a template and the available versions of kernels, the config files get generated
    3) File copy
    A bit too static for my taste, but it is possible to have a known good file in a central place and distribute it to all controlled nodes.

    All three methods can be done as part of a puppet deployment.
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