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Thread: code C (linux)

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    code C (linux)

    i have some question about the following code which i understand the purpose but not how it works. Help me plz

    int main (void)
    {pid_t fils;
        }while (fils==-1)&&(errno==EAGAIN);
    if (fils==-1)
    {  fprint stderr,"fork() impossible, errno=%d\n,errno); return 1;}
    if (fils==0) {fprint(stdout,"fils");}
    else {fprint(stdout,"pere");}
    1/ how is it possible to find fils==-1 i thought while won't let it pass
    2/ does fils change while the code is running ?

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    1. The 'while' only continues to run if fils==-1 AND errno==EAGAIN - i.e. the loop can be terminated by either condition being false.

    2. 'fils' is assigned in the middle of the while loop, so yes, it can change.
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