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    Move line breaks from 140 to 80 columns/characters in a text editor

    Hi latex and programming gurus!

    I need to work on a .tex file which has been typeset to have line breaks at about 140 characters. It also has indentation, so when I hit return it adds some white space.

    Now my problem is that a line of 140 characters is huge for my screen. When I resize my editors window I get one whole line and then a half line and so on which make it difficult to read and edit.

    Is there a way to move the line breaks from 140 characters to 80 and when I have finished editing the file move them back to 140 where the editor of the file wants them?

    I tried various .tex editors such as gedit, geany and vim but couldn't find any obvious way of doing this.


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    This file has already been processed by LaTex? Of is it a LaTex source file? If source, it doesn't care about line breaks in text sections, nor should it care about indentations. So, which is it?

    Also, post a sample here, inside code blocks so that special character sequences won't be mis-translated.
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