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    redraw refresh screen Xlib after hiding

    I am trying to build some x11 programs an I think I will manage, but there is one question I can't figure out how to deal with it.
    Very strange I could not find a good example for it. I don't understand how i would have my window repainted after hiding or more precise after the event.xexpose. .

    I have this snip of code :
    if (event.type==Expose && event.xexpose.count==0) {
                    /* the window was exposed redraw it! */
    void redraw() {
            XClearWindow(dis, win);
    Which is not a redraw, I know. But how would I have the window repainted.
    A link to an example for this would be fine.

    The few examples I found till now, the window was realy redrawn by "hand", so it could take a while for a complex picture. While only the pixmap was to be updated. The window still exist in memory and can be changed when invisible. It cannot be very difficult because it is a basic task in a windowing system.

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    I found already a solution. Write to the screen and to a pixmap.
    After an exposure event copy back the pixmap.
    Rather silly

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    There is also XSync() and XFlush() if you need to force things. XLib mostly does this by itself, but occasionally you have to tell it explicitly.

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