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    Linux Library Use Explanation - libmodbus

    Im super new to linux and server administration in general. I am wanting to implement libmodbus to allow the server to listen to a port for a modbus communication and do something based on what it receives. I am needing help understanding how to use the library, really any library. The website I am writing is written in php and can currently read from units using modbus but I am looking to put some listening functionality in the background of the site. I hope that makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link for libmodbus.

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    Im super new to linux and server administration in general.
    Maybe start with something tried and true.(?)

    I checked out (researching someone else's questions) and at no point do they say what it is that it does that isn't already done better by something else. libmodbus this, libmodbus that. What is it?

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    Its a library that adds modbus functionality to the server. What I am trying to do is have something listening on a specific port for modbus traffic to come through, when it does I need to execute some type of script to handle the request. I've been using php on the site so my initial thought was when traffic came over run a php script but if I can get something that completely handles modbus on the server that would be more ideal.

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