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Thread: xterm question?

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    xterm question?

    I'm translating some Korn scripts used on Solaris to run on RHEL 6.4. The scripts use:

    dtterm -sl 25000 -geometry 133x18+0+0 -display ${GLOBAL_HOST_NAME}:0.0 -e $0 -s ${DTNG_SIM_PROTOCOL} -f ${DTNG_FOM_NAME} -r ${DTNG_TESTCASE} -X ${DTNG_GATE_EXEC} &

    I assume I'll need xterm? Can I use xterm to start a terminal and begin running some executable?


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    Yes, xterm will handle the arguments as they are used for "dtterm". The terminals for KDE or GNOME will need translations in the arguments. The stuff after the "-e" is the command that is to be running in the terminal. The "-geometry 133x18+0+0" positions the initial location in the upper left corner of the screen and will be 133 character columns by 18 character rows. The "-sl 25000" sets the scroll back space to 25000 lines. The "-display ${GLOBAL_HOST_NAME}:0.0" is saying that the terminal will be displayed on the computer in the variable "GLOBAL_HOST_NAME" on it's primary display (rather than on the computer that is running the script unless it names the local machine or is an empty string).

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