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    Setuid not working in linux as script fails to write to file.


    I have the following 3 test files to test setuid bit which if it works I would like to implement in our application. However setuid doesnot seem to be having any impact on my test below.Following are the 3 files of interest in /tmp/ folder.

    [usl20010097 tmp]$ ls -ltr *env*
    -rw------- 1 g332008 users 6 Jun 25 17:31 mainoutputfile.txt
    -rwxr-x--x 1 cddsuat cddsuat 38 Jun 25 17:51 subscript.ksh
    -rwsr-xr-x 1 g332008 users 51 Jun 25 17:53 mainscript.ksh

    As you can see /tmp/subscript.ksh
    is owned by user cddsuat. It invokes /tmp/mainscript.ksh
    and has the following contents:
    -bash-3.2$ cat subscript.ksh

    /tmp/mainscript.ksh has the following contents:
    [usl20010097 tmp]$ cat mainscript.ksh
    echo "hello" >> /tmp/mainoutputfile.txt

    Based on the above, setuid bit has been set for owner on /tmp/mainscript.ksh. This means that when /tmp/subscript.ksh invokes /tmp/mainscript.ksh, /tmp/mainscript.ksh runs as the owner of /tmp/mainscript.ksh which is g332008 rather than user cddsuat. So /tmp/mainscript.ksh should be able to write "hello" to the file /tmp/mainoutputfile.txt which is owned by g332008. However when I run /tmp/subscript.ksh I get the following error with respect to write permission on /tmp/mainoutputfile.txt.

    -bash-3.2$ ./subscript.ksh
    /tmp/mainscript.ksh[2]: /tmp/mainoutputfile.txt: cannot create [Permission denied]

    Please advise why do I get the above permission error even though /tmp/mainscript.ksh has setuid bit set so that any other user invoking this script would be able to run this script as the owner of /tmp/mainscript.ksh. Your advise is much appreciated.


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    Scripts can not make use of the SID sticky bit.

    Please see: Setuid and shell scripts, explained
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    Quote Originally Posted by alf55 View Post
    Scripts can not make use of the SID sticky bit.

    Please see: Setuid and shell scripts, explained
    Well done, delivering not just an explanation, but a solution.

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