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    C++ password program issue. Syntax i think?

    Hello peoples, I have made a program that is supposed to check a passcode and it the passcode is correct then it tells you so but if not it gives you another chance to try. It is very simple program because I am very new to C++. the code is below:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main(void)
    	bool loop = false;
    	int password = 2554;
    	int guess;
    	while(loop == false){
    		cout << "Please enter your passcode: ";
    		cin >> guess;
    		if(guess == password){
    			cout << "your passcode was correct thank you";
    			loop = true;
    		if(guess != password){
    			cout << "you passcode is incorrect, please try again";
    	return 0
    This is the error message:
    password.cpp:24:1: error: expected ; before } token
    I have tried many ways but I think its a sneaky syntax somewhere.

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    I think the line
    return 0
    return 0;
    Oops didn't notice the thread was closed...
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