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    searching for a phrasse in files and outputting file path to a file

    Hi, i want to make my bash script search for this phrasse:

    in all files smaller than 2000kb in /home and output their full paths into file ./result

    so i have this:

    find /home -type f -size -2000k -print | xargs grep *"$phrasse"* -ls -exec "pwd;ls -lah >> ./result" {} \;
    But when i execute that command, it start listing alot of files on the screen as the search goes, but these files dont contain the phrasse i want to search. Please what is wrong in my command? (i want to run it as a cronjob)

    thank you in advance for any help

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    use find's built-in exec capability instead, e.g.:

    find /home -type f -size -2000k -exec grep -l "$phrasse" {} \; >> ./result

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