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    How does E-commerce work?

    What EXACTLY happens when you put in your card and click Pay on a website?
    Is there any place on the web for this? I'd like to know how the banks server is connected with and money taken out.

    Please dont tell me to get in touch with my payment gateway, I'm NOT putting up a e-commerce site, but I may in future, I'd like to know the theory first.


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    I use PayPal on my site, so all is done securely through PayPal no PayPal membership needed for the purchaser. Good Rates and PayPal is responsible for security, fraud, refunds, etc. Amazon and others offer a similar service. Third Party Merchant companies that do this on your behalf are what is known as a "Payment Gateway".

    Merchant Accounts at a bank, everything is done by you and you take all responsibility for security, fraud, refunds, collection, deposits, etc. You will have all of the credit card information from the customer.

    When someone puts their information in on my site they do so through PayPal, I have none of their information, PayPal deducts the fees and deposits the rest in my account.

    So basically, PayPal checks that all information is legit, but I have some options as to what is a required field when filling out the billing information.

    Hope that helps.

    Here is a little reading for you

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    Your Site -> Customer Pays -> Payment Gateway -> Customer's Financial Institution -> Your Merchant Account -> Your Bank

    I would go into detail, but the way you phrased your inquiry makes me question your intentions.

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    Relax, I have no evil intentions, but of course I WOULD say that

    What I want to know is - how is the money transferred? What software does the Customer's Financial Institution run? What are the standards for this? Is it like SOAP or something? (I don't know anything about it, just the name). Could it be running PHP? And most importantly, how is the security handled?
    How does it authenticate someone trying to take money out?

    slw, I really want to know the nitty gritty software stuff, not how you have to get a merchant account or whatever. But thanks for posting

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    security and authentication is mainly handled by encryption and SSL hand shakes... The nitty gritty takes a while to learn and figure out, not to mention that finding exploits takes a while and are patched up quick since people like to brag online...

    If your intentions are "evil", from one blackhat to hopefully another, invest in an RFID scanner and "walk around a busy city" or "check into a busy hotel" for the hotel option you will need more equipment... for now, here is a quick SSL handshake sequence image:


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    Sorry, I sound stupid, but what IS SSL? And "blackhat" means good guys right? Yeah yeah, I'm one of those.

    .. but youre not answering my question - what is the standard for the actual money interchange? Is it done over HTTP or something? HOW??!!!

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