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    A universial update script, need some help

    So, I dicided to make a script that would update your machine, no matter what linux distro you are using. The trouble is, I don't know all the different distros, and it is hard to actually finish it. I have added the two I used and know so far. Debian-base and Arch-based. I'll go ahead and post the code I have:

    # This script serves as a universal updater that should be compatible with all 
    # Linux distros. v0.2 (unfinished)
    cd /etc
    # Test if the local host Arch-based
    if [ -d /etc/pacman.d ]; then
    	# Run the Arch version of the update command
    	sudo pacman -Syu
    # Test if the local host is Debian-based
    if [ -d /etc/apt ]; then
    	# Run the Debian version of the update command
    	sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    So, as you can tell, first the script checks for a file that is only found in that specific distro branch, and wouldn't exist elsewhere in other distros. After that it runs the distros update command. Its that simple.

    My intention is to have it include as many distros as possible, but I don't have enough information to add anymore, since these are the only ones I'm familiar with.

    I suppose I could start by adding RPM-based distros, and Gentoo based. So, could someone give me info on those first. All I need is a file that would only exist in the specific branch, and not found in any other distro, and that distros update command. I'll let you know if others come to mind.


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    Going to be a big task since the differenct families of distro have different package manages. The two main families are Debian based, and RedHat like. Then you will have historical differents in each family different formats and tools have been used over the years. You probably want to limit your scope otherwise its a huge project.

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    One item to look at is the wrapper script:

    It handles many aspects of package management including updating for:
        pacman        by Arch Linux, ArchBang, Manjaro, etc.
        dpkg/apt-get  by Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
        homebrew      by Mac OS X
        macports      by Mac OS X
        yum/rpm       by Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, etc.
        portage       by Gentoo
        zypper        by OpenSUSE
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