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    php sitemap generator

    Hi there!

    I am a newbie regarding sitemaps. I have to develop a sitemap for my website, which is developed in PHP and using URL rewritting. So for example, when the user requests www.mywebsite/myaccount, Apache Server is rewritting to www.mywebsite/user.php.

    Besides, there are no .html files, all is developed in php files like “header.php”, “footer.php” etc..

    How can I implement a sitemap generator in php?

    I have searched in the web but found nothing.

    Thanks a lot!

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    This is what software engineering is all about! Solving problems that have not yet been solved. Don't just take someone else's solution to a problem, unless after proper analysis and design you agree that it meets your needs, or can be adapted without undue effort. In your case, you will probably need to solve the problem, so get to work! Don't be afraid to use other work as building blocks, but make the "solution" your own.

    FWIW, php is a powerful web-server language, with many tools and libraries available to help you; however, its syntax is very similar to C++, especially with regard to classes, methods, and such, but it also allows you to leverage HTML to deal with user input from their browsers, as well as to generate output for them to see.

    I assume by a "sitemap" that you refer to a graphic map of how systems in your network are connected/cross-connected? Possible, but not simple. At its foundation it is a degenerate example of the "travelling salesman" problem. It is computationally complex, but finite, hence not NP-hard. So, first you need to do some studying of the subject so you know what you are looking for.

    Good luck!

    FWIW, if you want to look at an open-source text-based tool that does a lot of this, look into nmap. It can scan your network for host discovery, and much more. There is a GUI front end for it called zenmap.
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