Actually I have knoppix version 6 iso file which is live system.

First I will explain what does the live distro mean. If you want to run a Linux without installation download your favourate distro for example fedora 20 gnome live CD after that just write the downloaded iso file to empty CD and boot your system with the CD you will see a gnome desktop within a few minutes.

In qemu manager I have created a virtual machine with the following details.
1) empty harddisk of size 2GB
2) cdrom selected to iso file and selected it as first boot device.
3) processor type: pentium3
4) network configuration: user
5) network card: rtl8139
6) vga card: cirrus

After booting I got an LXDE desktop within I launched an application named install to hd in order to install knoppix to harddisk which is very easy to follow. I have restarted the system and selected first boot device as harddisk after that I have removed apps which I don't need like libreoffice etc., and shutdown the system.

I have copied the above harddisk image to my tab and created a new virtual machine under limbo qemu manager with the details I have already specified but now I have selected first boot device as harddisk.

After running the above virtual machine I am able to see my desktop within a few minutes.

Android provides default keyboard which do not have have ESC key so there is an app named hackers keyboard in android which provide all the keys present on PC keyboard.

Hope you have understood what I have explained. I would suggest you to make experiment with the software below
1) qemu manager 7.0 (for windows) or qemu manager (Linux)
2) limbo qemu manager (android)