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    Usage of mapping services

    If I use Google maps, say, (I don't know whether it has the functionality I'm discussing here, or not), and my program queries it to know the shortest road between 2 given points, what format will the data be returned in? If I use the webpage as a human, it just draws the path, right? But if it's a program, then what does it do?
    This goes for any other mapping services as well, I just used GOogle maps as an example.


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    There is no standard for it. With Google you use the directions API and get back either JSON or XML depending on what you requested.

    You can set way points and additional legs and also get the information dependant on a few modes of transportation.

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    I can't figure out the

    "polyline": {
    "points": "a~l~Fjk~uOwHJy@P"

    stuff in that article.

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