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    I need to edit a bash script from a PHP script

    I have a bash script that I want to edit it on a webpage on a raspberry Pi. Here is the script

    HTML Code:
    linphonecsh init
    sleep 6
    linphonecsh register --host --username 9999  --password abc1234
    linphonecsh status register
    linphonecsh generic 'autoanswer enable'
    linphonecsh soundcard ring 0
    linphonecsh soundcard playback 0
    linphonecsh soundcard capture 2
    linphonecsh generic 'codec enable 8'
    I want to be able to change the host, username and password along with Commenting out the "autoanswer" line. I want to keep this as simple as possible using a web page. How can I do this??


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    I'd use PHP to put these values into variables and write them to a file. Then I'd modify the bash script to read the file and obey the variables.

    I wouldn't have a web page update an executable script on my computer, that's just asking for trouble.
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