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    I am trying to do an application installer

    well, i am gearing towards my final year in my university and now there's some topics for my final year projects...i am thinking of doing an application installer that will take ".tar.gz or " and there's a script that will run through all the steps like compiling, making and installing...because i think nowadays even tough with RPM installer, sometimes the program aint available in RPM forms...why don't we just create a simple GUI program that can take any ".tar.gz or " files and automated the process.?.

    but the problem is, now i just having some you all experts here mind...if you all can share some opinions on how to build this things up.?.if i manage to do so, i am happy as well coz i learned new things and my final year project is fine and i can publish this to all Linux users in this world and make life much easier....

    i just think of this and i dun think it's too hard right.?.any suggestion or opinions are welcome...pls dun blame if i sounds stupid coz i am just a Linux newbies and there's very few ppl in my country actually use it...and i dunno whether this kind of software does exist now...hopefully you all can lend some helping hand to me....any other simpler language suitable to write this small application installer other than C.?.

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    I'd say GTK (written in C ofcourse).
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    I believe that I've heard something about a project like this, but I don't really remember... I could be wrong.

    Anyway, I agree with bpark, build it with GTK and in C. If you're really ambitious, try implementing the entire make process in your program so that you can give a completion meter and so.

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    Search on installer here on the forum...i gave a link to somebody before about an installer people can modify and use for this...



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