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    Launch Yahoo Music Videos Script

    Hi, I have found the script that will suposedly let you watch music videos from , but I have no idea where I have to enter it to make it work. Do I put it in a text editor, and if so what extension do I give it. Please also check the script below 2 see if it will work:

    if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "Usage&#58; <videoid> &#40;<bandwidth>&#41; &#40;<protocol>&#41; <mplayer-options>"
    echo " videoid = Lauch Video ID"
    echo " bandwidth = 56,128,300 &#40;default 300&#41;"
    echo " protocol = mms,http &#40;default mms&#41;"
    echo " mplayer options can be passed via command line"
    echo "Example&#58;"
    echo " MMS&#58;"
    echo " 1112809 300 mms"
    echo " HTTP&#58;"
    echo " 1112809 300 http"
    echo " HTTP with mplayer options&#58;"
    echo " 1112809 300 http -verbose 0 -cache 500"
    exit 0
    if &#91; $1 -eq $1 &#93; && &#91; $1 != 0 &#93;; then
    # 56 or 128 or 300
    file1=$&#40;wget "http&#58;//$videoid&cid=1&pid=4&csid=396500550&p1=&p2=&p3=2&bw=$bandwidth&mf=1&origin=35&pguid=AA388C059C7849D99CCFBC72B6F51E37&uid=42&sk=bad551cd352143eb2da02&z=ms.asx" -q -O -&#41;
    if &#91; $1 == "http" &#93;; then
    file2=$&#40;wget "$file1" -q -O - | sed 's/mms&#58;/http&#58;/g'&#41;
    file2=$&#40;wget "$file1" -q -O -&#41;
    mplayer -cache 500 $file2 $@
    I am a complete newb as u hav probably guessed so dnt expect any scripting experience. Thanks in advance, Alan

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    Yes , you put it in a text editor and you save it.It doesn't matter what extension you give it or if you give it any extension at all.Just give it a name which will remind you what it does.

    The quickest way to see if it works is to actually run it.

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    script failed

    Thanks, I ran it but it didnt open the music video, instead it gave me this message:

    Usage&#58; <videoid> &#40;<bandwidth>&#41; &#40;<protocol>&#41; <mplayer-options>
     videoid = Lauch Video ID
     bandwidth = 56,128,300 &#40;default 300&#41;
     protocol = mms,http &#40;default mms&#41;
     mplayer options can be passed via command line
     MMS&#58; 1112809 300 mms
     HTTP&#58; 1112809 300 http
     HTTP with mplayer options&#58; 1112809 300 http -verbose 0 -cache 500
    Any suggestions on what I could do to make it work, thanks, Alan

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    Can you type exactly what you typed to run it ?

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    Launch videos

    I don't understand why yahoo are being so pigheaded about restricting their video access.

    Anyway this script worked fine for me.

    save script eg. as
    go to directory where you saved it and make it executable

    chmod 0755

    and then run it with appropriate video id(this you can get by hovering over the link in yahoo)

    ./ 17974865

    Happy viewing!!

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    launch music videos

    I've got a script on my website that might help if you're not able to get the videos to play at the launch site in your browser, launch ad remover at:

    Good Luck

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    Much better:

    Get GreaseMonkey first then this.

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    Am i doign something wrong?

    Was very interested by this conversation because i often have to boot in to windoze mode for vids (i often just leave my computer running music videos as i dont have a TV) .

    I have installed greesmonkey and have the little monkey sign at the bottom of my screen, but when i try to run the video it stills ays you need netscape 4x (or what ever it is) ...

    Have i done something wrong?

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