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    Unable to send messages to pager using mail command.


    I am trying to send an email to a pager through my shell script on linux. I use K shell.
    Problem :
    I am able to send an email to any email address both from my script as well as from the command line. But when I replace the email address with a pager number as follows -- number is numeric); nothing happens. I don't get paged either from the command line or from my script.
    Following is my command in the script which I replace with text if trying from the command line:
    print "$user, $MESSAGE, $SERVER, `date`" | mail -s "Application $LEVEL PROBLEM" $pager_number
    When I replace pager_number with an email address , it works perfectly but when I replace it with a pager number in the format , nothing happens.
    Can somebody please help ?


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    Try mail $pager_number and see if that works.In other words don't
    include a subject.

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    Thanks ........

    I tried this from the command line :

    Subject: TEST

    That didn't work Also, what I'm doing here is to implement a monitoring script which will page the team when the problem occurs. So I will need a subject too..... Any ideas?


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    Unable to send messages to pager using mail command.

    Hi there,

    Did you find any solution for your problem? I am trying to do the same type of monitoring service on a linux box. I am unable to send emails to the pager. Can anyone help?


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    When you say "nothing happens", how does this "nothing" manifest itself? Have you checked the mail logs and queues to ensure the outgoing mail to skype is being sent? If it's leaving your box, the problem is with skype (or your use of it).

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