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    new and delete operator

    Can anybody tell which header file contains new and delete operators?

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    I assume you are talking about C++...these are part of base C++. They aren't included in any additional files (require by #include<>), if that's what you want to know. Example:

    sarumont@quark ~ $ cat blah.cpp
    int main&#40;&#41;
            int *i = new int&#40;5&#41;;
            std&#58;&#58;cout << *i << std&#58;&#58;endl;
            delete i;
            return 0;
    sarumont@quark ~ $ g++ -Wall blah.cpp
    sarumont@quark ~ $ ./a.out
    sarumont@quark ~ $
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    On my system at work running Redhat 7.3, the path to the header for new is

    Mind you, these are only DECLARATIONS..
    For the definitions, check out the source code of libstdc++...

    These files are internally (possibly recursively??) #included by one of the system headers - maybe iostream itself?
    Or, maybe the compiler by default includes them in all the sources?

    The same applies to the headers for the C++ ABI and RTTI functionality - you don't need to include them explicitly, yet their functionality is available in your code...
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