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    search a specify line

    Hi, i have a txt file and im writing a program(on c++) to read that file
    ang go to a specify line.
    how can i do that????
    i had a lot of problems.

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    grep whatever filename


    cat filename | grep whatever
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    He wanted to do it in C++, he want the sourcecode.

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    Searching and Sorting is an entire subset of computer science theory, and can be a bit complicated, Assuming you read each line as a string, then create an array of strings, you can perform some basic brute force searches using a simple loop and crude checking function (the exact syntax really depends how OO you go...) I'm assuming the file probably wont exceed the hundreds of lines, in which case, you really won't have serious performance issues (assuming you handle your memory well). Speed will become an issue in arrays exceeding 1000 elements or with more complex condition checkers. In that case, you will probably need to sort the array, so a binary search or the like can be performed.

    Here are a few decent starter tuts that should give you a more in depth idea of where I am taking this...
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