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Thread: how to choose

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    Well, for example:

    C++ and Java are used for applications. If you intend to write stand-alone programs, you will learn a language such as this.

    A language like Perl or Bash is a scripting language. It helps run things on your computer and on servers.

    They have different uses, and if you get serious about programming, you will learn many different languages. I currently know basic C++, almost fluent Java, and I'm progressing nicely in Perl.

    And whatever you decide, if you're looking for a good guide, go with O'Reilly books. They're well-written and humorous, so they stay interesting. Go with the "Learning [LANGUAGE]" series, not the "Programming [LANGUAGE]" series, especially if it's your first language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandrakelinux
    thanks bryansmith
    let me know something , your advice is to start python ?
    is that because it's easy or to make the newbie understand the first step in programming
    please tell more details
    I would choose Python because it is easy and it is good for programming style. Perl is also good but for a newbie, I would try Python first and then move onto Perl.

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    Iím still a nuube to Linux, but Iíve been programming for a long time and I would have to say that Java is my favorite language. One of its great advantages is that it will run on almost any platform. It can be used to develop small Applets which run in a browser, Stand alone applications, or on a corporate back end server as part of J2EE enterprise web application. Although Java may represent a longer learning curve than some other languages, itís incredibly versatile.

    It will even run on Windows uke:

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    thanks guys
    now i got the start point .
    compiled language for stand alone application for example (kopete).
    scripting language to run scripts and script means subsquential lines .
    in my opinion i have to learn at least one scripting language and one compiled
    here i need to know which kind i have to start with

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    Here is an interesting document as well:
    I\'m so tired .....

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    Well, how old are you? Most high schools and pretty much all colleges have programming courses. What are they offering? Chances are either C++ or Java.

    Scripting languages tend to be made for *nix systems, so I don't know how many schools offer them. But once you understand one TD or OOP language, it's pretty easy to pick up on others. It took me 2 years to get where I am in Java, but I've gotten pretty far in Perl in just about a month with a single book.

    I hear that QBASIC is good for learning compiled languages. I dunno, I've never used it. I'd recommend Java, probably, because though some parts don't make a lot of sense at first, it has better checking than C++, automatic garbage collection, and is universal.

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    thanks Cabhan
    i'm systems engineer for 5 years (microsoft)
    now i've entirely changed to linux and i tend to do everything with it (no microsoft product) at least in programming
    but still want to learn any programimng language which help me in my career
    i know it's hard to decide

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    i think , i got the first step
    maybe i'll start perl or python
    tell me what about it ? am i in the right way

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    Well, Perl is a language that I particularly enjoy. It's written specifically for lazy programmers, with default variables and things being assumed. For example:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    for &#40;<>&#41;
       print if /^\w+&#58;/;
    That will go through a text file given on the command line and print out any line beginning with characters then : (http:, ftp:, mailto:, etc.). Yet see how little I typed? <3.

    Perl is also common to see in websites and databases. It is a CGI language, good for server communication.

    I've never used Python, so I can't really say. But I definitely have enjoyed Perl.

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    thanks alot guys especially for Cabhan
    i think this is my last question
    if i immersed in perl could i decide for the next step or i'll take this hard way again to decide

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