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Thread: how to choose

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    how to choose

    hi everyone
    first : i need to learn programming language but i want to now how do i choose between languages ? any information will be helpful

    second : what is the different between
    interpreted languages , compiled languages , scripting languages

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    2) Interpreted Languages and Scripting languages are both generally the same category of languages. They both run slower than compiled languages. Whereas each line of code is parsed one by one and then executed sequentially in a interpreted language, a compiled language is first parsed in a similar manner, then it is translated into machine code to be run at a later time, allowing it to run faster, as the parsing is skipped.

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    thanks for reply but still want to know the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds
    any bit of information will help me more

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    interpreted is 'compiled' during execution and needs a program to run, compiled is executable by itself and should be faster.

    What you want to use is dependant on what you want to do with it.
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    an interpreted language is more portable, as the parsing is done at runtime, whereas a compile language needs to be recompiled for each different type of system. There is a tradeoff though:
    -Interpreted is slower but more portable
    -Compiled is faster but less portable

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    thanks guys
    i'm still newbie in programming
    and i don't want to say how to learn programming ?
    how to decide to choose between them ?
    maybe i need comparison paper to know everything

    thanks again

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    It depends on what you want to do with programming. Each language has its positives and negatives. My only suggestion would be to try Python. It is relatively easy and teaches you (forces you) to have good programming style which will help with all languages. By the way, Python is interpreted. It should come with your system.


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    thanks bryansmith
    let me know something , your advice is to start python ?
    is that because it's easy or to make the newbie understand the first step in programming
    please tell more details

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    Yes, Python is a good start. But I think Perl would be better for you. You can find several guides for newbies on the Net. If you want to go for something big then you should use C.
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    i think python is interpreted language and c compiled language
    how can i choose between them if they were in different categorys

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