Hi all,

I'm trying to use netct to allow two singl[code]e board computers to commnicate over their ethernet ports. It works fine when I use the command line but I run into trouble when I try to put netcat in the background and restart it after a file is recieved. When I do this the sending computer blows up pretty much. The files do actually get recieved but garbage is continully printed out on the screen of the sending computer. I then have to restart minicom.

Here's the command I use on the sending computer:

cat output.txt | nc 1100

And here's what i use to get netcat runing in the background at the recieving end

trap 'echo "Killing nc listeners!"; kill -15 %2; kill -15 %1; exit 0' 15

while true
        nc -l -p 1100 > tmp1.txt & 
	cp -f tmp1.txt from_upper.txt
Before it was giving me trouble since I didn't have a /dev/null device file. So I created one with the mknod command;

mknod -m a=rw null c 90 0

I have no idea if that's even right, but it make the error go away.

Does anybody see what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance