Hi folks,

I'm pretty much new to linux and scripting in general. I'm currently doing a small assignment for a course, and was wondering if somebody could help with the following 'issues'.

1) I'm trying to display the current processes on a single line, like what you see using the top command ('tasks: xx total, xx running, xx sleeping' etc), without actually querying the 'top' command itself to get the info. I'm sure I need to look into the /proc directory somewhere, but I can't seme to find it.

2) Display the cpuload, columned into user, sys, nice, load; again, all in one line.

I'm hoping to combine all of this into one script which will output what would look like the 'top' command, but without actually quoting 'top' or 'ps'. Sounds boring, but I might be able to test out a few other commands I've learned along the way.

Many thanks,