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    kill command is not working within awk

    I need to run this script to protect the user1 from more than 30% cpu usage.But kill is not working within awk.What should I do ??


    ps -fuU user1 >> psFile

    awk '{ if( $3 > "30")
    kill -9 $2 }' psFile
    rm psFile

    Help me.Thank u.

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    Of course it's not working , kill is not an awk command ! Either use system
    which IS an awk command or have it print the kill command and pipe
    that to the shell.
    For details you can look in the gawk manual on the gnu website.

    By the way are you sure you want to "protect" the user from more than
    30% CPU usage ? Any sort of calculation (like using bc) will use more
    than 30%

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