Hallo there. I've just finished setting up a linux server (FC3) with virtual domains, e-mail, ftp, webmail etc.. and I have written a CLI control-panel in Bash that provides wizards and utilities for the untrained Linux user to add a virtual domain, e-mail etc. without having to see the intimidating configuration files that Linux is home to. I now want to give this a GUI that is remotely accessible. I've looked at a lot of things (Including Kommander which looks great.. but not for this) and my choice is PHP since my CGI knowledge is next to nothing.

Here's specifically what I want to create: A PHP-based, password protected website with a login screen where you can login and get root permissions so as to perform all these tasks that require root access. It will basically be like webmin but much more specific to my needs. I've read up on the shellexec, passthru commands etc. for PHP but don't really understand if they do what i'll be needing.

If anyone has some examples of similar things to this that you've done, or links, resources for learning it would be of great help as i'm currently with limited knowledge to begin this task.