Bignester (a friend of mine) mentioned this site so I thought I would drop by and see what ya'll thought. Anyways, the script is WAB (Wolfenstein Admin Bot) and the version I have is tweaked and hacked for specific server types. That doesn't matter too much though, just some background info.

The core of WAB is comprised of three files:, which runs the program, the primary core of the bot with most admin functions, the third file for wab that contains most superadmin functions.

admin functions are simply typed in chat, and superadmin functions are denoted by a few prefixes, (such as ! , '' , or ..). For this new admin class, I used "?". superadmins have the most power, with some rcon functions added on. Most of my admins are superadmins BTW. I wanted to create a third class that had real power though, with almost all rcon functions including re-execing the server.cfg. Those commands I can add at any time, so they are no big deal. The problem lies in building the .pm file and incorporating it into the code. I decided on naming it remcon, since server and rcon are names used in WAB code already.

I have done most of it, and I can call a "remconadmintest" call for this new class and get the proper response. The logfile also shows the proper admintest entry, which is good. The problem lies in trying to call a command....the bot crashes. In Win2k (yeah yeah I'm on a windows server :P) the perl window just closes (win2k closes dos windows if you just execute a file and it completes), so I ran it from a prompt and logged the errors I recieved. Of course, I made sure syntax was ok before I tried any of this. Errors:
C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer DEMO\udp-wab>perl -c syntax OK

C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer DEMO\udp-wab>perl
Can't call method "HandleCommand" on an undefined value at line 2517, <GEN2> line 1.

C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer DEMO\udp-wab>perl
Can't call method "HandleCommand" on an undefined value at line 2517, <GEN2> line 3.

In the first error I tried a "?speed" variable command. If this worked, I should be able to type in "?speed 400" and the bot should output to the server console "/rcon g_speed 400". The second one was a ?help command. Normally !help brings up a supercommand list, so I was trying to make it function the same with remcon's "?". Another BAD error is that players can access the same functions as I can, admin or not. I tested that with a normal client, so I know the bot is not logging the clients right.

Normally an admin looks like this in wab.cfg:
name==ACID RAIN=
ips= <your ip>
protect_nick = 1
ignore_offenses = 1
admin = 1
super_admin = 1
#remcon_admin = 1
cannot_be_kicked_by_admins = 1

I went back to the unedited version of WAB for now, so that is why "remcon_admin = 1" is commented out.

I would appreciate any help you can toss my way on adding the new file to the bot, and making it work smoothly. I am not even as far along as Bignester in Perl programming, so consider me a total n00b and try not to laugh too hard if you see a dumb mistake in my No offense Bignester, of course

I am posting a link here to, and on my webserver as a .rar. If you need for testing let me know and I'll email it to you or post it as a separate file.