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    Bash Shell Scripting Help

    I am asking anyone who is willing to help to do 4 simple shell scripts for me because im not good at shell scripting... please help me out??

    1) Write a shell script that outputs the following statistics to a file named “system.txt”. It should include IRQs, DMAs, and I/O addresses.

    2) Symbolically link to files and the output there link count and innode information to the terminal.

    3) Write a script that shuts down the e0 interface at 21:00.

    4) Write a shell script that the takes in the date and the date of a person’s birthday. The program should printout how many days until their birthday.

    Im not asking much.. if you could please help me out someone..

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    Although I can't write the scripts for you I will do something much
    better: I will give you an advice.When you're asking people to write
    a programme for you it helps , no make that it's necessary to
    specify exactly what you want.For example regarding request 1 you
    should give a sample of the file you want created and explain what the
    file should contain and where.

    Regarding request 2 which files do you want linked ? Or should the script
    accept as an argument the file name to be linked ? What should be the name
    of the link ?

    You get me ?

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    Actually I'm feeling generous right now so I will give you a second advice:
    the way to get good at scripting is to actually practice by writing scripts.
    So why not try to write yourself some of the scripts you want ?

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    I'm suspecting he is asking us to do his homework.

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    I'm suspecting he is asking us to do his homework.
    My thoughts exactly

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    I concur with Santa's second piece of advice. Have a go at writing the scripts and we'll help you sort out anything you don't understand. You have to do to learn. We did, and you're asking us for help.

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