I've been having some royal threading problems and I THINK I might have an idea on how to solve my problem.

Really quickly, I'm developing an app that required me to compile using gcc v3.2.3, while my distro came with 3.4. So I installed multiple versions of gcc and made sure my app was built with the older version. I've been hung up on some crazy threading problems (libpthread library) for a while now with no idea how to solve them.

SOO, does this make sense ---- I think glibc is sort of a parent package for libpthread, as well as libc, and I THINK gcc. I'm compiling with an older gcc, but ultimately it's relying on libpthread that was built for a newer gcc version (in other words, I somehow need to get the right libpthread version in there). Instead of just using multiple gcc could my problems be solved by having multiple glibc versions where my development works with the older one that happens to have libpthread, gcc, libstdc++, etc. etc. versions all compatible with each other?



P.S. I realize I could just go ahead and try it, and I will be reading up on what is involved right now, but if someone knows this doesn't really make sense then I can stop that work and move on to searching for other possible solutions.