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    ksh93 installation

    I have just installed ksh93 from It took me a while to figure out how to do it with the source packages. I have also refered to during the installation. Below is a portion of the whole text:

    The Korn SHell used to be a commercial closed-source shell. Because of
    this, a free clone was written, pdksh (Public Domain Korn
    Shell). pdksh supposedly has most of the original ksh's functionality,
    but since early 2000 the source code for the original ksh is
    available, so that is what we are going to install here. Note that ksh
    is still under a license though. The following packages are needed:

    Note that the exact URL may change as a result of updates to the
    source code packages. If the above links don't work you will have to
    go to and manually download
    the following packages: INIT, ast-ksh and ast-ksh-locale.

    ksh is built using AT&T's particular build system. First you will need
    to designate an empty build directory, eg <...>/src/ksh. The rest of
    the install commands should be executed while standing in this
    directory. Unpack the INIT package from this directory. Execute

    mkdir lib/package/tgz

    and move all three packages to this directory. Now issue

    bin/package read
    bin/package make

    To install ksh

    cp arch/linux.i386/bin/ksh /bin
    cp arch/linux.i386/man/man1/sh.1 /usr/share/man/man1/ksh.1

    To install the provided shell functions pushd, popd and dirs, do this

    mkdir -p /usr/share/ksh/functions
    cp arch/linux.i386/fun/* /usr/share/ksh/functions

    you will then have to set the following environment variable to access
    them, this can be done in one of the startup scripts

    export FPATH=/usr/share/ksh/functions

    The install management system supposedly will make it easier to
    upgrade ksh to a newer version by the following command

    bin/package update source
    So far so good until the last step where I have to add the "export FPATH=/usr/share/ksh/functions" to the startup script. Am I supposed to add it to the inittab file or other files? Have I missed out any steps if I follow this installation guide. There are something in the that I don't understad, the step (9),bin/package flat install DIRECTORY PACKAGE. I am using suse 9.3.

    Thanks for any reply....

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    I did find some rpms but they are not the latest version. However I did not come across the link you provided. Thanks...

    Btw, do you know the version of this ksh93? The one I found from is 2005-02-02.

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