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    System call does not seem to work

    I am working on arm-linux targetting strongarm processor. I am using multithreading programming. Whenever I use any system call ( for eg. system("ls -l /pos/bin"); ) in any of the threads I create the entire program hangs without the system call being executed. Any idea why this might be happening.

    Appreciate any input with regards to this.



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    Well for one, doing system(ls anything) is very inefficient. I'd just use file descriptors instead, but htat's just my two cents.

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    I don't think system(3) makes use of the PATH variable (but I could be wrong) so you need to full-path the program you want to run:
        system("/bin/ls /pos/bin");
    I agree with lakerdonald, however, that system(3) isn't very efficient.

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    According to the manual system(string) is like calling /bin/sh -c string
    and that does use PATH so it must be something else.

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    Oh yes, so it does. Sorry for the misinformation.

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