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    :: ftp server using linux :: c code

    hello guyz can any one help me out for making FTP server by using .. linux editor coding VI or else

    or C code that is use in linux .. some tips for what should be at FTP server coz its my project for semester ..

    i dint know much .. thats why asking help ..

    at now i m not concentrating .. some bursted concepts ..

    plz help any source code or other resource is welcomed thnx
    :: i dont know even a single word of linux ::

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    One thing you should do is post here the email address of your lecturer so that
    anyone who is willing to help can ask him/her for clarifications about
    what is needed.

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    :: kz i'll try to explain it more::

    i have to make FTP server having at least all the basic very basic operations that an ftp have ..

    i have to set up using any editor like emacs or vi .. so the code i want is familiered to vi or emacs

    i only want is the basic idea or code that can make ftp server ..
    :: i dont know even a single word of linux ::

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