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    Writing a Bash Script to Install Programs

    It would be nice if I could write a script to install multiple programs. What I have in mind is actually a simple Bash script to automate LFS installation. I may have typed in a command wrongly, so it would be good if I could save all of the output in some file. I would also like the commands to be printed in that file so I can know which command led to what output. Any short code snippets to help me to do that?

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    Thats basically what you'll want to do, sans the CVS part. Add an echo before each command and then redirect the output to a file and bam. I'm not sure how you want to list the programs to be installed, so without that I couldn't tell you how to modify it any further.
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    Look into tee for login stdout from scripts, also have a look at ALFS this is a bunch of make files IIRC to automate building an LFS system might be a good place to start? The other alternative is to write a bash script for each program and have a script run each of them, this is long winded and done already by the ALFS people.

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