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    Query regarding buffering in streams

    I could able to do the follwoing thing in linux, aix but not in IRIX.

    cat testfile.dat | testprog

    testfile.dat is the input to testprog.

    testprog could able to get all the input properly in Linux without using setbuf in "testprog"but failed in IRIX. So when I used

    setbuf(stdin, NULL) in "testprog" where I am opening stdin explicitly it worked well. Can anyone explain me what is going on explaining me the usage of setbuf, setvbuf with clear understanding using streams. I jst hve a vague idea and made it work.

    with regards,

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    I recommend that you check the manpage for setbuf; it explains it all in detail.
    By the way, why "cat testfile.dat | testprog"? Why not just "testprog <testfile.dat"?

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