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    Download Manager for Linux


    i am trying to bulid download manager for Linux (X-windows).
    i am a novice programmer in networking (in linux).
    Please tell me what would i need to know (in Network Prog' ming) before starting on this project.

    waiting for a postive response


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    There is not much network programming involved in this - i mean, a download manager only runs on the local machine.

    Netscape has one built in, I am going to guess that parts of the code are in mozilla - you could start by looking at that, and see how they did it

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    I cannot answer in detail unless you tell me in more detail just what this program is going to do. I'm guessing that it's going keep track of and manage downloads, though. In that case I guess you're downloading primarily from HTTP and FTP sites, correct?
    There are several alternatives to choose from in that case. I guess there are many libraries out there that can manage the networking part, and they might be a good choice if you're not familiar with network programming. For greater control or other reasons, however, you might want to implement that part yourself. If so, you might or might not know that linux uses sockets for networking. For more info on sockets, see the libc info ("info libc"). Both internet and unix sockets are described in great detail there. You may also wish to study the related protocols (HTTP and FTP). If so, see, and look up RFC #959 (FTP) and #2068 (HTTP 1.1).
    If you know nothing about network programming, FTP or HTTP, however, that is a pretty ominous task.

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