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    Trouble executing multiple commands simultaniously

    I have a little problem when scripting (BASH shell). You see, what I am trying to do is write a script that begins several apps at once. As it stands, a simple script of mine that begins xmms, gmplayer and aterm might look something like this:




    Now, what happens when I run this in X , as you vets might imagine, is xmms starts, but the gmplayer and aterm won't, at least until I kill xmms. What I'd really like, though, is for all three apps to start at once. Any help with this would be met with much gratitude. Thanks in advance!


    P.S. I also happen to be looking for a way to set different volumes in alsamixer to certain values whenever X starts. If anyone can help with this, thanks!

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    Write xmms& instead of xmms

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    if you're lookin to have these apps start at X loading, the WM you are using will more than likely have some file it reads at start where you can put stuff like:
    xmms &
    so you dont need your own script, it'll just auto load them.
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