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    Simple script question for X

    Iíve got quick oneÖ

    Iím running synergy between Windoze and RedHat. I start the client on the RedHat machine by manually entering in:

    Well I want it to kick on when I start my GUI instead of manually running it. I found that if you enter in a script in:

    The script will run when X starts, but when X is on I have an Emacs window up with my script contents? I know the script works because I have tried in from the path and given it the correct permissions. Here is my script file (mind you Iím very new at scripting)

    Is this wrong anyone got any input?

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    Well, first off, the script doesn't even have to be that complex. Just make a file:

    set it executable, and stick it somewhere.

    Now then, what I'd recommend is more of fiddling with ~/.xinitrc, because I know how that works. Basically, anything there will be executed after X starts up. So for you, stick the following there:

    /path/to/sysenrgyc/script &
    exec startkde
    That'll start X, then run your script in the background, and boot up KDE. When you exit KDE, you'll return to the commandline.

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