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    where can i download bash scripts?

    hi! becouse i'm not a programer and i think it's little late for me to start can someone tell me where can i download some bash scripts?

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    Scripts doing what ? If you search the threads here there are
    plenty of scripts to be found.

    And it's never too late to start programming

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    first i need to change some lines and words inside some files, then i need to copy some folders from one to another server but also to change name automaticly when i make that exapmle rsync -Waq server:/folder1/ server2:/folder2 - where folder2 is identical copy od folder1(just change the name) ...and also to execute some comands automaticly...i do this all from command line...but i like to make some script to do this and to automate all this becouse it takes me a lot of time...

    byt let say that i need to copy some folder from diferent servers. example:
    rsync -Waq server1:/folder1/ server2:/folder2 and later i need to copy form server3:/folder3/ server4:/folder4...then i need to change name of the servers inside in script every can i make the script to ask me from which server to which i like to copy the folder?
    exapmle how the script should work:
    when i start the script, before executing the command the script will ask me something like ...enter the name from which server you are copying..then i enter server name and press enter..and then the script again ask me to which server do i like to paste the copy....etc....
    i hope someone will help me

    thanks in advance

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    There are file utility scripts here:

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