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    cout undeclared error

    can some1 help me out with this...
    when i try to compile a simple program using gcc,g++ or c++ i get the error saying "cout undeclared (use the function first)"

    if you suggest corrections based on the namespace concept, i've tried it all...
    using namespace,std::cout...

    still don't seem to work...could it be a problem with the way the compiler is looking for the header files...i included both iostream and iostream.h...but it still is not compiling successfully...pls help!

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    I'm assuming that you do have it inside a main() function?

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    okay so this is my lil program...

    #include <iostream>
    cout<<"\nHello world";

    When I compile using gcc or g++


    I get the error mentioned above. I tried adding the line "using namespace std;". It wuz no good.

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    gcc with its default configuration is a C compiler and not C++ compiler.
    You should use g++ for compiling C++ programs.
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    You must use the namespace std in your program to output with cout

    either add

    using namespace std;

    after libraries includes or redirect cout to the std namespace ( std::cout<<"(...)")

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    got it working on g++.
    But since the ".h" part was deprectaed from the specification, I keep getting the warning when I compile. This I avoided by "-Wno-deprecated" option as advised by the compiler. When I exclude the ".h" from the header file

    #include <iostream>
    the error recurs.[/quote]

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    Just out of curiosity, does this version of Hello, world compile for you?

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main &#40;&#41;
       cout<<"Hello, world.\n";
       return 0;
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    nope...that wuz the second version of my throws the same error...


    i compiled using
    $g++ -o hello

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