Hi guys...

I'm new to Linux.. i'm moving away from WinXP... the only problem is that there is programs i built in VB that i need to reprogram into some sort of language that will run on my Fedora Core 4 Distro.

So, here's the deal..

I have 2 machines:

1 - Linux running FC4
2 - Windows Server 2003 + Sql Server 2000

I need to read a INI file on my Linux machine, and dump it on my Win machine's SQL Server.

I have many routes i can do this.. just ftp the INI file to the Win machine, and run my VB program from there. Or I can read the INI file on my Linux box, and update my SQL database...

So, can someone tell me which technology i should use to either script/program this, where i could get a small tutorial, and what i should do next..