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    perform Parallel Processing in PHP.


    I want to perform Parallel Processing in PHP. Let me try to explain my problem.
    I want to open 2 files with fopen at the same time.

    For Example first file takes 30 seconds and 30 seconds seond file to read in web.
    and total time will be 60 seconds.
    Can i read both files in 30 seconds with parallel execuation?


    $handle_1 = fopen("", "r");
    $text_1 = fread($handle_1,filesize("$handle_1"));

    $handle_2 = fopen("", "r");
    $text_2 = fread($handle_2,filesize("$handle_2"));

    $text = $text_1 . $text_2;

    print $text;


    As above code run line by line and takes much time. Is there any way that i can open both or more files Simultaneous ?
    How can i execute some my code in parallel processing?


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    PHP has threading capabilities? I don't think... and seems that PHP has no non-blocking I/O method, so I don't believe this is possible...

    Maybe you can use exec/system routines... search on for these functions and read all posts... there are some backgrounding process control (even php scripts!). Check it out...

    Two different execs download two different files..., then waits for process terminations, and then continue... maybe works... maybe can't...
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